Rosa Bath Salts

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Our Rosa Bath Salts are healing, soothing and uplifting giving your body a mineral boost.

The Dead sea salt cleanses, conditions and soothes; helping to retain moisture and drawing toxins from the skin to improve its appearance. Its high levels of magnesium and calcium help heal conditions like eczema and balance oily and acne prone skin.

Himalayan salt’s high mineral and ion levels help recharge your body by boosting metabolism and the skins self-healing abilities. Its detoxifying, healing and helps strengthen bones, skin and tissues whilst aiding relaxation and relieving muscle aches.

As well as adding a floral scent, the rose petals soothe and hydrate skin as the oils help retain moisture and strengthen the skin. Rose has astringent and antibacterial properties which helps to fight bacteria that causes acne whilst the antioxidants and vitamins help radiate skin.

Our signature fragrance is floral, musky and relaxing leaving you feeling pampered.

Our Bath salts come in two sizes: 150g and 200g

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