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Reed Diffusers

LoveWell Reed Diffusers: Signature, Fresh Linen, Ocean Breeze
Elevate your home ambiance with the enchanting scents of our popular candles, now available in luxurious Reed Diffusers. At LoveWell, every purchase contributes to empowering women who have experienced significant trauma through exploitation, trafficking, and domestic abuse, providing them with opportunities for positive changes and transformation.
 Perfect for Every Room:
Our Reed Diffusers are versatile and perfect for any room in your home—from living rooms to bathrooms, bedrooms to kitchens. Let the slow-releasing scents create an inviting atmosphere that lingers throughout the day.
Highest Quality Ingredients:
Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our diffusers ensure a long-lasting and mood-lifting fragrance experience. Each diffuser is handmade in Bristol, UK, and comes packaged in distinct glassware, making it a stylish centerpiece for your mantlepiece or sideboard.
Natural Rattan Reeds:
Enhance the fragrance experience with natural rattan reeds that gently release the captivating scents into your living space. Each diffuser comes with 10 reeds, allowing you to customize the fragrance load based on the room size.
Sustainable and Vegan:
LoveWell Reed Diffusers are suitable for vegans and are a conscious choice for those who appreciate sustainability in their home fragrances.
 Choose Your Signature Scent:
  • Signature: A timeless and signature blend.
  • Fresh Linen: Crisp and clean, reminiscent of fresh laundry.
  • Ocean Breeze: A refreshing and invigorating coastal aroma.
 Empowering Women Through Every Purchase:
By choosing LoveWell Reed Diffusers, you actively support our training programs, empowering women who have experienced significant trauma. Every purchase contributes to creating opportunities for these trainees, fostering positive changes and transformation.
Handmade Excellence:
Indulge in the artistry of our handmade diffusers, bringing the essence of LoveWell into your home. ...sweet fragrances while making a positive impact. Handmade with love in Bristol, UK

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All our products are handmade with love by women and for women

Working for wellbeing

LoveWell’s mantra is ‘Working for wellbeing’ and our vision is to create a world where women who have experienced significant trauma through trafficking and exploitation have the choice to move on and create a new future for themselves.

Made by the women we serve

LoveWell's range of beauty products are hand made by women who have experienced barriers to employment. Through the manufacture and sale of our products , we offer transformative employment training and skills development, to see the women in our community thrive.


Our products are formulated using the most sustainable ingredients available to us. From creating our hand-poured soy wax massage candles, to our soothing and uplifting bath salts, we work with suppliers who choose a sustainable and ethical approach to business.

Vegan Friendly

The soy wax in our range of massage candles is vegan and is a more sustainable and ecologically-sound alternative to paraffin wax. It burns at a lower temperature which means it can be applied straight to your skin as a nourishing body oil as it helps to seal in moisture.

Spa Experience

From the essential oils in each unique blend, to the choice of natural oils and butters, each product in our range is designed to create an uplifting and nourishing spa experience in the comfort of your own home, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and bringing balance to your soul.

"LoveWell is a really safe, supportive environment, an opportunity to learn and manufacture beautiful natural candles and skincare products. It is a place to learn positive life skills to support you on your journey."

— LoveWell Trainee

"I have gained so many skills through attending the programme…Being able to look within myself and learn about myself has been really valuable. Part of the work readiness training has included discovering the skills, strengths and values that I have. This has been really valuable."

— LoveWell Trainee

"Confidence is such a huge barrier to other paths. When I first came to LoveWell and saw all the beautiful products I thought ‘there’s no way I could make those.’ Look at me now! I am building the confidence I need for a better future."

— LoveWell Trainee