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LoveWell is a social enterprise supporting and training women who have experienced significant trauma through trafficking and exploitation to grow in strength and confidence, so they can move into alternative employment.

It was set up to offer women the opportunity to build new skills through the manufacture of luxury natural skincare products. A well-being business with a difference!

Following the training programme, each trainee is supported by a Lovewell mentor for at least 6 months, usually up to a year. This offers an extra safety net of support and adds longevity to their experience with LoveWell. 

Poverty and a lack of economic independence are the two causes that make women and children vulnerable to exploitation. We believe that by creating a place where women feel safe to recover and move forward that we can be part of ensuring these cycles of exploitation do not continue to occur. 

LoveWell’s mission is to break these cycles.

To refer yourself or someone else to our Work Well training programme, please contact us on: or call 07517 869798

What happens next?

We have a referral process which involves completing a 2-page form which asks for some background details. You can request a paper copy or we can email it to you. If you would like help to fill this in, one of our staff can support with that.

Contact us today: or call 07517 869798