Our Mission


LoveWell’s mantra is ‘Working for wellbeing’ and our vision is to create a world where women who have experienced significant trauma through trafficking and exploitation have the choice to move on and create a new future for themselves.

Our mission is to be a transformative employer, offering women a setting to turn to to move confidently into employment, in full recognition of their skills, abilities and self-worth.

“Confidence is such a huge barrier to other paths. When I first came to LoveWell and saw all the beautiful products I thought ‘there’s no way I could make those.’ Look at me now! I am building the confidence I need for a better future.”



Lovewell's range of beauty products are hand made by women who have experienced barriers to employment. Through the manufacture and sale of our products , we offer transformative employment training and skills development, to see the women in our community thrive.
By employing them in a supportive, holistic community, women can overcome the barriers they so often face : the threat of homelessness, violence and further poverty, and difficulty in explaining gaps in employment when applying for new jobs.
Any purchase of a Lovewell product directly supports this program continuing .
‘The programme has given me a safe space for my confidence to grow. It has provided me with support and structure through the week, especially during Covid.’


What we offer

LoveWell runs 6-month ‘Live and Work Well’ training programmes for up to 10 women, twice a year. These 2-day a week, paid placements are the tool by which we support women to then re-enter employment after their time training with us.

On our programme, trainees learn about all aspects of the business – from production line processes, through to the development of new products and formulations. They get a taste of what it takes to run a small business behind the scenes, such as customer service, order fulfilment through our online systems, and social media marketing, including photography. Many of the photos you will see on our social media channels have been taken by our trainees.

As well as the work-based training, one day a week is devoted to life and work-ready skills. Trainees follow a tailored, 24-week programme covering aspects such as confidence, assertiveness and home budgeting before moving onto work-ready skills such as identifying values, strengths and skills, CV writing and mock interviews, all to support their move into long-term employment in the future.
'I have gained so many skills through attending the programme…Being able to look within myself and learn about myself has been really valuable. Part of the work readiness training has included discovering the skills, strengths and values that I have. This has been really valuable.'

Each training programme is followed by a 6–12-week work placement with one of our partner companies, which further enhance the support and opportunities for the trainees. Following the training programme, each trainee is also supported by a mentor for at least 6 months, to offer that extra safety net of support and longevity to their experience with LoveWell.

'LoveWell is a really safe, supportive environment, an opportunity to learn and manufacture beautiful natural candles and skincare products. It is a place to learn positive life skills to support you on your journey. If anyone is thinking of applying, I would say go for it!'

Our Values

  • To be a supportive, transformative employer
  • To support women to build upon their skills and abilities in the workplace
  • To provide an opportunity for women to enter the job market free from prejudice and negative perceptions.
  • To build a community of confident, resilient women who will move into economic independence.
  • To be an organisation which is recognised in the beauty industry as a brand of expertly-crafted, inclusive, high-end, natural skincare products.