Communications and Digital Marketing Support Role – Lovewelluk

We are recruiting for a Communications and Digital Marketing Support role to help us to connect with potential customers and the wider community. By undertaking this role you will be supporting us to generate the income we need to support women into sustainable employment.


  • To work alongside the Project manager and Sales coordinator to implement a marketing/public relations strategy that will allow LoveWell to develop meaningful relationships with targeted audiences including the media and community partners. 

  • To create content which will boost LoveWell’s sales of natural skincare products through social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and directing customers to the website.

  • To broaden the reach of our marketing, and target the right audiences through social media.

  • To support the upcoming rebranding of our social enterprise through social media. 

  • To effectively communicate LoveWell’s values through our social media.

  •  Creating posts via Canva and using a scheduling app to generate posts

  • To collaborate with our trainees on social media posts, providing them with support and experience in this element of our work. 

Key skills 

  • Experience in using social media to engage with a broad audience. 

  • Experience in digital marketing would be an advantage but not essential.

  • An interest in working with women from marginalised backgrounds.

  • The ability to communicate complex issues such as moving on from a reliance on sex work for income.

  • Ability to work remotely some of the time but also to come into the office on a regular basis to photograph/film manufacturing and training sessions.

Why volunteer for us?:

By joining our team as a volunteer you’ll become a part of an empowering and supportive organisation. Supporting us to increase our reach, and sales means you are playing a vital role in supporting LoveWell in providing routes out of sex work for women who wish to move on from relying on this for their income. In return you will receive training and supervision from Lovewell staff, and be supported in your work with Lovewell’s trainees and receive supervision from staff and trustees. This role offers a great opportunity to put your skills to use, and perhaps develop them within a new context. 

Formalities - expenses, DBS, Remote working is an option sometimes.


Expenses to cover any costs you incur as a result of volunteering for Lovewell are reimbursed. This includes travel into the organisation's offices and refreshments. Expenses are paid on a monthly basis after you submit a completed expenses form and attached receipts/evidence of costs.

DBS Checks

All volunteers who have direct contact with Lovewell trainees are required to undertake a Basic DBS check, before commencing their volunteering, through our recognised DBS check body: Disclosure Services. The fee for this will be covered by Lovewell and you will need to submit the relevant documents and information for this to take place. Lovewell will provide you with a copy of our DBS check policy. 

Remote Working

As this role is not reliant on working from Lovewell’s offices, you will be able to mainly work remotely in this role. Lovewell will provide you with a copy of our Remote working policy.

For more information & to Apply

If you would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Lovewell’s Project Manager, Claire Dormand at providing a copy of your CV and outlining why you are interested in the role and any other relevant information.

We will contact you for an informal conversation following receipt of your application.