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Homemade Body Butter Recipe

Want to try and make your own body butter at home?

We have made a simple body butter recipe for you to try at home using mostly store cupboard ingredients. This nourishing recipe contains cocoa butter which soothes and moisturises the skin because it is an emollient which means it acts as a barrier to help prevent water loss from the skin. In addition it aids collagen production, helping improve skins elasticity and tone. Coconut oil is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth whilst sunflower oil is high in vitamin E with repairs and protects the skin. The calming and revitalising  essential oils blend we created  helps nourish the body and mind but you can use any essential oils that you like. we used: 3 drops of benzoin which has calming effects on the skin and mind; 2 drops of cypress which improves circulation, tones skin and calms nerves; and 5 drops of orange that tones and brightens skin. 

This recipe makes 200ml and you will need:

  • A sterilised container 
  • A handheld wisk
  • A bain marie (a saucepan of water and glass bowl)


  • 25g cocoa butter
  • 4tsp coconut oil
  • 4tsp sunflower oil
  • 10 drops of essential oils of your choice


  1. Heat the butter and oils in the bain marie untill its all melted.
  2. Take off the heat and leave to cool untill the mixture starts to turn cloudy.
  3. Add the essential oils.
  4. Wisk untill the mixture turns opaque and looks more like a body butter.
  5. Transfer to a sterilised container.
  6. Store in a cool dark place and keeps for up to 3 months.


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