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Our story

Lovewell is a social enterprise supporting women who have experienced significant trauma through trafficking and exploitation, offering them the opportunity to build new skills and abilities through the manufacture of natural skincare products
We create luxurious, quality products for you to enjoy. However, we want the story behind the organisation to be our motivation to continue what we have started. We believe that what this organisation is doing is changing a little corner of the world.
Women have to live with the trauma of their experiences and face many barriers. At Lovewell we provide a supportive, therapeutic community to help with women's well-being, whilst also giving the women new opportunities by learning new skills through the manufacture of luxury natural skincare products.
There is very little support to help women overcome the barriers that hold them in their position: lack of education, no work experience, no outside contacts and being indebted to employers. We want to support women to overcome this barrier and empower them to reach their potential and dreams of the future. We work with a number of women all with different backgrounds and experiences but they all have one thing in common, to have a brighter future and we are there to give them an opportunity.
This is an important issue that cannot be ignored as the number of people living in modern day slavery is rising.We have been manufacturing our products for over a year and prior to that we ran workshops for women supported by other charities. We have slowly been expanding since, with continual manufacturing and our training scheme
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